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Playin’ Away the Stuck-at-Home Blues

At the tender age of 5, my exasperated piano teacher quit in front of me, telling my mom I’d never be any good because I hated practicing and that she was done teaching me. Not surprisingly, that moment left a mark. I refused to touch a piano again until I was 12, when I asked […]

Spotlight on Sohmer Pianos

Sohmer & Co., Inc., was established in the eastern US in 1872 by Hugo Sohmer and K. Kuder. Although the company has changed hands several times in the past ~140  years, it is still considered one of the leading piano manufacturers in the world. In particular, Sohmer is known for: Creating the first baby grand […]

Piano Maintenance & Cleaning

Keep your piano looking and performing beautifully for years to come with our piano maintenance and piano cleaning tips! Give thought to where you place your piano initially. Pianos are susceptible to air, moisture and sun damage, so it’s wise to place your piano near an inner wall within your house. Excess sunlight can fade the […]

About Piano Man Superstore

Piano Man Superstore is a family-owned and operated small business that’s been serving the DMV and delivering pianos across the US for 45 years. We have a 30,000+ sq. ft. piano warehouse in College Park, MD, where we sell reconditioned pianos that look, sound and perform like new. Additionally, we operate a piano shop where […]