Used Steinway Pianos

Welcome to our used Steinway piano inventory, where you’ll find all of our Steinway grand pianos and Steinway upright pianos. Call us at 877-635-1699 today to schedule an appointment to play any of our Steinway pianos.

About Steinway Pianos

Steinway & Sons founder Heinrich Englehard Steinweg, started building pianos in 1835. In 1850, he emigrated to the U.S. with his family and Americanized the family name by changing it to Steinway. He and his sons worked for other piano manufacturers for a few years to learn the American way of doing business, then founded Steinway & Sons in 1853. They applied their 20 years of piano-making experience to develop and patent revolutionary piano enhancements that resulted in pianos with a fuller, more powerful sound, a more sensitive action and stronger frames. They did this at a time when the popularity of pianos was growing rapidly in the U.S., and they quickly became the standard by which other pianos were made. According to Larry Fine’s The Piano Book, “By the 1880s, the Steinway piano was in most ways the modern piano we have today.” To this day, Steinway constantly strives for greater precision and efficiency and produces some of the finest pianos in the world.

#A144. Used 1980 Steinway B Grand Piano

Size: 7′ | Model: B | Serial: 469695
Style: Ebony Satin | Year: 1980
Price: $47,500

#A157. Used 1965 Steinway M Louis XV Grand Piano

Size: 5’8″ | Model: M Louis XV | Serial #: 391498
Style: Oak | Year: 1965
Price: $24,500

#A140. Used 1974 Steinway M Grand Piano

Size: 5’7″ | Model: M | Serial: 437670
Style: Walnut Satin | Year: 1974
Price: $29,500

1962 Steinway M Grand Piano IMG_0995

#A102. Used Steinway M Grand Piano

Size: 5’7″ | Model: M | Serial #: 379961
Style: Walnut Satin | Year: 1962
Price: $19,500

#A165. Used 1940 Steinway L Grand Piano

Size: 5’10” | Model: L | Serial #: 302435
Style: Ebony Satin | Year: 1940
Price: $27,500

#F112. Used 1982 Steinway F Deco Console Piano

Size: 42″ | Model: F Deco | Serial #: 481866
Style: Walnut Satin | Year: 1982
Price: $8,750