Used Charles Walter Pianos

Review our selection of used Charles Walter pianos here. We currently have 4 uprights from which to choose. If you’d like to try any of them out, call us at 877-635-1699 to schedule an appointment.

About Charles R. Walter Pianos

Charles Walter worked as Head of Piano Design and Developmental Engineering at C. G. Conn in the 1960s. He bought the Janssen piano brand in 1969 and introduced the Charles R. Walter line of console and studio pianos in 1975.  Charles R. Walter pianos were created based on Charles’ continuing research on acoustics and piano design and are well-known for their high quality.

The Walter Piano Co. remains a family  business to this day, which is unusual in the piano industry. They produce fewer than 2,000 Charles R. Walter pianos in their Indiana manufacturing facility every year, and each one is inspected and signed by a member of the Walter family before being shipped out.

#E102. Used 2002 Charles R. Walter STD Studio Piano

Size: 45″ | Model: STD | Serial #: 529063
Style: CHS | Year: 2002
Price: $4,750$4,500

#F170. Used Chas Walter 1092 Console Piano

Size: 42″ | Model: 1092 | Serial #: 513464
Style: Oak
Price: $4,750$4,250

#F213. Used 1989 Charles Walters 078 Console Piano

Size: 43″ | Model: 078 | Serial #: 513348
Style: French Provincial Cherry | Year: 1989
Price: $4,250$3,950