Used Player Pianos

We offer a variety of certified-reconditioned used player pianos, including baby grand player pianos, grand player pianos and concert grand player pianos. Some of our used player pianos are powered by CDs while others can be connected to your tablet or cell phone and play nearly any midi song. Choose from brands like Story & Clark, Petrof, Yamaha, Kawai, Piano Disc, and Otto Altenburg.

Since our used player pianos are acoustic pianos with digital components, you’ll enjoy all of the traditional benefits of the style piano you choose. For instance, upright player pianos take up less space, whereas grand and concert grand player pianos offer more consistent repetition of notes and a more sonorous tone due to the horizontal action of the hammers on the piano strings. Whichever style you choose, you may find a player piano has more longevity than a traditional acoustic piano, because you can continue to enjoy it even if, say, your child stops taking lessons and you don’t play. Whether you’re having a party or washing the dishes, a player piano will let you enjoy the dulcet tones of your favorite piano music in the background without lifting a finger!

Used Player Pianos for Sale

Each of our used player pianos undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process before being placed in our showrooms to provide you with the highest-quality sound, performance and aesthetic you’ll find in a used piano. Learn more about our Certified Reconditioning Process, review our player pianos for sale below, or visit our College Park, MD, showroom for an in-person look at our selection. Call us at 877-635-1699 to make an appointment today!

#G113. Used Used 2000 Pramberger PG-150 CD-Player Piano

Size: 5′ | Model: PG-150 | Brand: Pramberger
Style: Mahogany High Polish | Serial #: YG0133134
Price: $12,790$11,750

This is a detailed image displaying a 1999 Story & Clarke Prelude Grand Piano.

#A113. Used 1999 Story & Clark Prelude CD-Player Piano

Size: 5’1″ | Model: Prelude | Serial #: DG10389
Style: Ebony Polish | Year: 1999
Price: $13,750$12,750

#G114. Used 1988 Kawai KG2E Player Piano

Size: 5’10″ | Model: KG2E | Serial #: 1798004
Style: Ebony Polish | Year: 1988
Price: $16,750$15,500

#G115. Used 1989 Young Chang G-150 CD-Player Piano

Size: 4’11” | Model: G-150 | Serial #: 095959
Style: Ivory Polish | Year: 1989
Price w/o Player: $6,750$6,250
Price w/ Wifi Player: $12,750$11,750

1980 Piano Disc Player Piano Model PD590

#B123. Used 1989 PianoDisc PD590 CD-Player Piano

Size: 5′ 4″ | Model: PD590 | Serial #: G091647
Style: Ebony Satin | Year: 1989
Price: $12,790$11,750

#G111. Used 1983 Young Chang E-109 PianoDisk CD-Player Piano

Size: 43″ | Model: E-109 | Serial #: 00017567
Style: Mahogany High Polish | Year: 1983
Price: $4,250