1980 Kohler & Campbell SKG400S MHP Petite Baby Grand Piano
1980 Kohler & Campbell SKG400S Mahogany Polish Petite Baby Grand Piano 4’8″
March 13, 2017
2008 Young Chang PE116 Walnut Satin Upright Piano
April 10, 2017
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  • 1980 Kimball La Petite Mini Grand

1980 Kimball La Petite Walnut Satin Mini Grand Piano 4’6″

$7,495.00 $3,990.00

Most popular real 88 note mini piano ever made.  If this piano does not fit your space then you won't have room for any piano.  Takes up only 4 1/2 feet of space.  Sounds as good as any spinet or small console.  Great for apartments or that tiny corner space in your home.

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